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Updated 17-03-2010

Pagan Organisations

  • Coventry Earth Spirit
    Coventry Earth Spirit is an open modern Pagan group. This means that we care about the spirit in nature; mysticism, the magic of our land & heritage, life the universe & everything. We're pretty broad based & inclusive but we all share the view that our environment is inseparable from our spiritual path & we are interested in the history, natural history & folklore of local places of interest. We are primarily a social group for like minded people & we organise public events such as open celebrations, seasonal festivals and outings to places of interest. We also network other events & organisations.
  • Fellowship of Isis
    Membership in the Fellowship of Isis is open to anyone who agrees with the founding principles of the Manifesto

  • Heathen Thing
    An organisation for all worshippers of the Germanic gods (i.e.: the Æsir and Vanir), however they may be worshipped or honored and by whatever names, and without regard to other memberships or affiliations. "Heathen(s)" is to be understood as referring to such people.

  • Heathen Thing Forum
    Yahoo email group for the Heathen Thing.

  • Pagan Central
    Home page of the moot based Pagan group.

  • The Pagan Federation
    Homepage of the international organisation
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non-Pagan Organisations

  • The Friends of the Rollright Stones
    Welcome to the Rollright Stones web site! We aim to inform you of every aspect of this mystical, ancient site, it's history, facts and conservation work that is carried out by the Rollright Trust

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Pagan Magazines

  • The Cauldron
    Long established wiccan magazine for details of subscription fees, back issues and some previous articles featured in TC. You can also find contact details, and some new information/articles not included in previous editions (see Andrew Chumbley's 'Toad Bone' article below). It is kind of an on-going process so please pop back.

  • Pagan Dawn
    Pagan Dawn is the journal of the Pagan Federation.

  • Pagan Prattle
    The Pagan Prattle Loony Fundie Nonsense for the Masses on-line magazine.

  • Pentacle Magazine
    The Independent Magazine Website for the Freethinking Pagan. Including Forum and news.

  • White Dragon
    WHITE DRAGON is an independent quarterly pagan magazine covering witchcraft, northern traditions, the occult and earth mysteries serving the ancient kingdom of Mercia in the English Midlands. It has been published at each of the fire festivals since Samhain 1993.

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Pagan Federation Sites

Homepages of the international organisation

  • Pagan Federation
    Main site of the Pagan Federation. Go here for membership information and news.

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Pagan news boards and communities

  • An Fianna
    An Fianna is a pagan website, for the more serious minded pagan........a place to seek, share and discuss real information on paganism, and it's paths, in a frank and honest manner....... in a world of ten a penny fluffy pagan sites full of false information, and everything is love and light mentality.

  • Heathen Thing Forum
    Yahoo email group for the Heathen Thing.

  • Pagan Network
    The Pagan Network is a networking organisation set up to promote the acceptance and tolerance of Paganism as a faith system within the UK, and to provide a safe and informative social network both on- and off-line for Pagans in the UK.

  • Pentacle Magazine
    The Independent Magazine Website for the Freethinking Pagan. Including Forum and news.

  • UK attempts to create a web information service for Pagans in the British Isles. Since opened in March of 2001 we have published a large number of articles, press updates, poetry, spells, announcements and reviews of interest to the Pagan Community in the UK. With a number of projects in the pipeline and with help from members of the community we intend to grow to be one of the major sources of information and online comminity for UK Pagans.

  • Wolverhampton Pub Moot
    Facebook page for the Wolverhampton Pub Moot

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Other Pagan Resources

  • The Internet Sacred Text Archive
    This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship

  • Pagan East Midlands
    A small but friendly and active group of Pagans who have formed an online community for support, friendship, chat, and the sharing of ideas and beliefs. Mainly UK based, we do have members from the US and Australia. All are welcome.

  • Pagan Library
    Interesting resource for pagans. Contains articlesforums etc.

  • The Rollright Stones
    BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Page showing 360 pictures of the Rollright stone circle in various views. Includes also a write up about the legend surrounding the formation of the circle.

  • Sacred Sites Project
    This site displays and circulates some documents and images from the Sacred Sites project

  • Shrine of the Horned Gods
    this site is dedicated to all true horned gods. Here you can read a little about their many faces, ancient, modern and even false.

  • Syrbals Pagan Page
    This is a pagan information page for Birmingham and the West Midlands (UK). It shows you what's on and where the moots (regular meetings) are.

  • Wolverhampton Pub Moot
    The Wolverhampton Moot currently looking for a venue.

  • Wulfrun Gathering Wolverhampton’s most friendly pagan group meets up on the Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month. We are a happily mixed bunch of Pagans, with Druidic, Heathen, Wiccan and Eclectic Paths all well represented.

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Druid Sites

  • British Druid Order
    Link to this page for information about Pagan Druidry

  • The Druid Network
    Launched in February 2003, its aim is to be a source of information and inspiration about the modern Druid tradition, its practice and its history.

  • Order of Bards Ovates and Druids
    Based on correspondence course in Druidry over 3 levels

  • Loyal Arthurian Warband
    King Arthur Pendragon is the Titular Head and Chosen Chief of what has become known as the, Lawband, Clawband and Warband, or as may be called Wizards, Witches and Warriors. Each Order fighting for and sworn to, the Ancient virtues of Truth of Honour and of Justice.

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Heathen/Asatru sites

  • Asatru-U
    Email group. This group will discuss development and implementation of Asatru (Germanic Heathen) courses for different kinds of students; for different levels of rigor and abstraction; and for directed and independent study.

  • Frigga's Web
    Frigga's Web is an organization established to honor the goddess Frigga, one of the deities of the religion called Ásatrú, Heathenism, or Germanic/Teutonic Paganism. Frigga's Web promotes the activities, purposes and benefits that are within Frigga's domains of power and interest.

  • Heathens For Progress

  • Heathen Thing
    An organisation for all worshippers of the Germanic gods (i.e.: the Æsir and Vanir), however they may be worshipped or honored and by whatever names, and without regard to other memberships or affiliations. "Heathen(s)" is to be understood as referring to such people.
  • Jenny's Heathen Hearth
    Home page of Jenny - obviously - a Practicing Heathen and author.

  • The Troth
    Official site of the The Troth. The Troth is dedicated to exploring, practicing and promoting the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples, who include the English, Norse, Icelanders, Swedes and Germans, among others.

  • UK Heathenry.
    This email list is set up to facilitate networking and contact, relevant announcements, and discussion within UK Heathenry (including Elder Troth, Asatru, Norse, Germanic or Saxon Paganism, Northern Traditions, etc.) It is open to all who are drawn to the Aesir and Vanir, the Disir, and/or the LandSpirits, and who want to network with other Heathens. To join please follow the link and follow the instructions.

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Witchcraft Sites (non Wiccan)

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Wiccan Sites

  • Gardnerian Tradition Web Ring
    We are followers of a Wiccan Tradition defined by Gerald B. Gardner. Normally, Gardnerians are very private, not letting many know of their existance. We are trying this as an experiement in networking with other groups, and traditions. With the pages in this ring, we hope to dispell the rumors, misconceptions, and down right lies about our Tradition.

  • Teampall Na Callaighe
    The Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone web site.

  • Witches Voice
    The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft.

  • Children of Artemis
    National organisation. Aims to promote Wicca in an ethical way and provide Covens a secure method of meeting new members.

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